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Anyone, who visits our place, leaves well fed and in a great mood!


Best china restaurant in Tallinn. Also very nice service. They take ownership of their service and they improve

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Excellent restaurant! The food was delicious and the lady who attended us was very kind and welcoming. I ordered the Beijing-style pork slices and they were fantastic! My husband ordered a dish that proved to be too spicy for him. However, they were quick to improve it and were super understanding about it.

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I have never been happier to get off the bus at the wrong stop. Today it took us to Han's restotan for an amazing meal, especially the fish with Chinese sour cabbage took my breath away. Our highest compliments to the chef for keeping it real & spicy - Real Spicy, a true Sichuan experience, not a compromise to the Estonian taste. Thank you!

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Want to know how real Chinese food tastes like?

We welcome you to HAN's!

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Like the selection of authentic Chinese food on our menu, we’ve created a pleasantly Chinese atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your food – just as if you were visiting China.