Head chef Yang Han, who is the founder of Han`s restaurant, is coming from Chengdu and his food is mainly from Sichuan kitchen. Han`s aim is to offer authentic tastes to its visitors. Menu is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Cucumber salad 4€
Chinese black mushroom salad 5€
Pig ear salad with chilli sauce 6,50€
Sichuan chicken salad 7,50€
Vegetable dishes
Fried tomatoes with eggs 6,50€
Fried potato slices 7€
Fried bean sprouts 7,50€
Fried bean in Sichuan style 8€
Fried eggplant in sweet sour spicy sauce 8,50€
Fried eggplant with potatoes 8,50€
Fried bok choy 8,50€
Ma po double fu without meat 10€
Home style to fu 11,50€
Meat dishes
Kung pao chicken 8,50€
Honey chicken 8,50€
Ma po double fu with meat 10€
Chilli chicken 12€
Beef with black pepper sauce 12€
Oyster sauce beef 12€
Twice cooked pork 10€
Beijing style pork slices 12€
Sweet sour spicy sauce with pork 12€
Sichuan beef 12,50€
Fish with Chinese sour cabbage 13,50€
Sichuan style fish 13,50€
Kung pao prawns 13,50€
Fried prawns in sweet spicy sauce 15€
Special menu
Pork with Sichuan style sauce 9€
Pig stomach with Sichuan style sauce 10€
Fried pig kidneys with spicy sauce 13,50€
Fried pig intestine with fresh chilli 14€
Cow stomach fried with spices 15€
Steamed scallops 18€
Fried mussels with special soy sauce 22€
Steamed whole fish 25€
Rice 1€
Water 2€
Juice 2€
Soft drinks 2,50€
Coffee 3€
Chinese herb tea 3€
Chinese coconut drink 3€
Teapot 4€
Saku Kuld (Estonian beer) 3,50€
Tsing Tao beer 4,50€


Lauteri 5, 10114 Tallinn
Lower Level (Outside entrance)
Open: Mon - Sat 11:30 - 21:00. Closed on sundays.
Tel: (+372) 568 769 79